In Regeneracija group we are awared of valuable gifts of nature for our common future. Therefore, we directed the energy to the manufacture, which are effective in protecting to the environment. We believe that the concern for nature is imperative if we want to make sure the miracle of life for future generations. We strive to the manufacture which are top quality and technologically advanced products from plastic materials, that prevent dangerous contact with the natural environment. In the group we stand unwavering position on the nature, with the production of environmentally friendly products and also in raising public awareness.


Central wastewater treatment plant Tržič is in construction of GP Primorje Ajdovščina and Regeneration Lesce


Water drop have the optimal shape, which can be taken by a set of water molecules.Experts says that this is a phenomenon of surface tension, and it means that the liquid because of attractive forces between molecules automatically collected into the drops.

Surface tension allows the surface of many water droplets act like a flexible plate, which some living creatures to take advantage of walking on water.